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Presentation to Rotary Club of Cilandak – Jakarta

This Monday, we had opportunity to present Rotaract Club to Rotary Club Cilandak on Monday, 21 March 2011 at Business Center Hotel Kristal, Cilandak. Coordinated by Rtr. PE Oke Hastiawan we met Rtn. President Dick Richard and RC Cilandak family. In the meeting, we shared the importance of having Rotaract Club as partner of service along with the activities we have done, especially those joined with Rotary Club Jakarta, our sponsor. At the end we tried to encourage RC Cilandak to start to think of sponsoring a Rotaract Club.

Along with support from Rtr. Mieke and potential member Matthew as well as ADRR Cheya, we are glad that RC Cilandak responds positively. It shows from their support on our upcoming community service project “Book for Love”, acceptance on offer to attend our weekly meeting and be guest speaker, also, a plan to have a join project involving hydrophonic plantation technique.



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Thank God It’s Friday~! We wasted no time to ease the office stress even just for a while. For us, nothing compares with glitz and spotlight therapy – VIP tickets to live production of birthday celebration of ANTeVe, a renown national tv! Having been a close partner for a while, it is always a luxury for us to sits next to top Indonesia celebrities. Hence, a need for stylish outfit is indeed. In its 18th anniversary, ANTeVe is proven to be one of top entertainment source. We have fun and amazed everytime Geisha or ST12 come around. Semanggiers scream loudly when SM*SH – a RELOAD wannabe – performed. Not to mention livetweet from us, commenting 3 Macan and JUPE hot appearances. Sue us, gossipping makes our bond stronger 


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Happy Valentine's ^^

Notwithstanding some people proscribe the celebration of Valentine’s Day, many youngsters in Indonesia still celebrate February 14th as a Valentine’s Day.

Here we live in a beautiful and diverse country. The diversity of cultures, language and religion made Indonesia became a rich country in addition to its natural wealth. Those diversity should not become a differences among us.



Paint it Green

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Semanggiers at JANET JACKSON Concert

Dear Rotaractors,

On February 9th, 2011, there were 6 Semanggi Jakarta Rotaractors together with DRR D3400 accompanying seven outstanding young people selected for the program 20 under 20 to attend Janet Jackson Number Ones World Tour Concert at the Plenary Hall JCC, they are:

  1. Albert Fakdawer (young singer, the main actor in Denias movie, Piala Citra winner for the Best Actor and Most Outstanding Actor MTV Indonesia), Nominated by Rtr IPP Leo Mokodompit.
  2. Anggun Pratama (FEUI student with outstanding academic achievement, winner of The Scholar Metro, concerned about the arts and sport among young people), nominated by Rtr Kartika Putri
  3. Audry Maulana (a talented young journalist who is very prolific with his writings Regarding peace, Believes and cultural understanding. He also a co-founder of Indonesian Future Leaders organizations) nominated by Rtr PE Oke Hastiawan
  4. Febi Purnamasari (also a talented young journalist whose articles appeared in various local media, national and even international, he is very intersted in socio-political review, humanity, music, art and life-style) nominated by Rtr Putri Nuraini
  5. Jihat Saputro (young activists in Jogja with exceptional academic achievement, through the organizations he conducted a variety of programs for school children whom the victims on 3 areas most severely affected Merapi volcanic eruption) nominated by DRR Indra Diwangkara
  6. Sasha Febri Safithri (Bina Nusantara University 4th semester student, 18 years old, a professional dancer. Began dancing ballet and jazz dance since childhood in Namarina, currently she became a member Namarina Youth Dance, perform at various shows and repeatedly elected to the major actors in the big show like Kartini’s Dream, Aladdin, etc) nominated by Rtr Gilang Aditya Lestari
  7. Fadli Al Baihaqi (one of the high school achievers student at Labschool Ramawangun, Music Video Competition winners in socializing the prevention of HIV / AIDS carried out by Unesco Natcom Indonesia) nominated by Rtr Tuhu Nugraha.

The Outstanding Youngsters 20 Under 20

DRR & Semanggiers as The Sponsors

Thank God we got a gold-ticket which was allowed us to look Janet Jackson very close. Finally, the audience fulfilled the concert hall 30 minutes before its started.

The concert was spectacular and riveting, Janet sang about 30 songs. The last song she sang is Together Again dedicated to her brother, Michael Jackson.



Finally, after the concert finished, it’s time for Meet and Greet. Notwithstanding the very strict safeguards, we even not allowed to bring our own camera, we met Janet directly in group (6 person per group).

It was an amazing and memorable experience! Thank you to Janet Jackson and the team, DRR and the District Board, President & Semanggi Jakarta Rotaractors, and all D3400 Indonesian Rotaractors. We also congratulate to the 7 youngsters with an extraordinary achievements whom was chosen on “20 under 20” program.

Following is an update from Janet Jackson FB Page :

Jakarta extends open arms embracing Janet during her first performance in the historical city. Like the first cities of Janet’s world tour, crowds danced and sang along with the superstar, celebrating her 35 Number One hits, that for many have served as the soundtrack of their lives. After the performance, Janet honored 20 young people who are making a difference in their communities. -Janet’s Team-

Challenge Yourself and Paint It Green

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Sabtu, 5 Februari 2011, diadakan Joint Meeting RAC Jakarta Area yang sangat spesial. Kenapa? Karena kali ini RAC Jakarta Area menyelenggarakan acara “Meet & Greet Lebanese Ambassador”.

Dari RAC Semanggi dihadiri oleh VP Oke Hastiawan, Rtr. Brillianti RH dan Rtr. IPP Leo Mokodompit. Acara diawali dengan opening dari PO dan MC. Kemudian speech dari DRR Indra Diwangkara dan IPP. Leo Mokodompit.

Speech by Mr Victor Zmeter (Lebanese Ambassador) dilanjutkan dengan sesi tanya jawab berkisar tentang bagaimana Tourism di Lebanon berkaitan dengan konflik yang sampai saat ini terjadi disana. Juga mengenai biaya pendidikan di lebanon yang tergolong sangat mahal. Bagaimana korelasi antara umat Kristiani, Muslim Sunni dan Muslim Syria di Libanon? Dari beberapa penjelasan beliau, dalam sisi tourism, Libanon sudah terbuka untuk pengaruh-pengaruh dari negara2 barat dan pula konflik yang terjadi merupakan bagian dari iran bukan keseluruhan lebanon itu sendiri sehingga banyak yang bisa didapat dan ditawarkan untuk menarik wisatawan tetap berkunjung tanpa merasa khawatir/risau. Ekonomi lebanon saat ini sangat kuat, karena perbankan-nya. Untuk biaya pendidikan sampai saat ini memang masih tergolong mahal, namun sebagian terbantu oleh pemerintah dan bantuan dari negara America dan Organisasi2 luar lainnya.

Antara umat beragama, dapat hidup saling beriringan. Untuk Muslim Sunni merupakan Islam dari Arab Saudi, dll.Sedangkan Syria adalah banyak dari Iran penganut saat pemerintahan Rafik Hariri dan saat ini tetap diperjuangkan oleh anak-nya Saad Hariri.

Sesi pertanyaan pertama oleh 3 penanya dan 3 lagi disesi berikutnya, ditambah 1 penanya pada akhir sesi sebelum coffee break. Sebelum berlanjut ke coffee break, adalah waktu untuk foto session. Foto bersama Mr. Victor untuk masing-masing Club yang hadir.

Saat coffee break adalah saat bercengkrama dengan Mr Victor, para Rtr bertanya secara langsung seputar Lebanon dan Indonesia sebelum tepat pukul 3.30pm beliau meninggalkan lokasi meeting.

Setelah coffee break adalah member floor, dimana masing-masing dari 7 Club mempresentasikan project2 yang sedang dan akan berlangsung. Hanya Club Cosmopolitan yang ijin pulang terlebih dahulu karena bertepatan juga dengan weekly meeting Club Cosmo yang dilaksanakan setiap hari sabtu.

Keseluruhan event ditutup dengan foto bersama semua Rotaractors yang hadir including guest. Sekitar pukul 5pm acara telah selesai.


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President Elect RAC Semanggi Jakarta RY 2011-2012

Berdasarkan hasil voting pada tanggal 1 Februari 2011, maka terpilihlah Rtr. Oke Hastiawan sebagai Presiden Elect (PE) Semanggi periode 2011-2012.

Rtr. PE. Oke telah terpilih dari 3 kandidat lainnya, yaitu Rtr. Gilang Lestari, Rtr. Putri Tika, dan Rtr. Monika Pratiwi,  Tema yang dipilih oleh Rtr. Oke dalam kampanye nya adalah Dive, Jive and Shine“. Dive : dive deeper in the layers of development, to explore yourself to be all you can be. Jive : rotaract stands for fun and bringing a smile to the people who need it, we take action while enjoying it and bring happiness and joy to others. Shine : each of us, as an individual and teamworl we shine, to chase down and catch every dream, we shine and develop to be a better person, to be a good leader.

Terima kasih kepada Rtr. Nita sang sekretaris (koordinator), bersama-sama IPP. Leo Mokodompit (advisor) dan Rtr. Brilianti (saksi) atas usahanya dalam mensukseskan pemilu kali ini, dan semua SEMANGGIERS atas partisipasinya.

Selamat kepada PE 2011-2012, Rtr. PE. Oke Hastiawan dan semoga Rtr. Oke dapat menerapkan temanya di project-project yang akan datang.

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Chinese New Year Greetings

Xin Nian Kuai Le, Gong Xi Fa Chai 2562

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