Presentation to Rotary Club of Cilandak – Jakarta

This Monday, we had opportunity to present Rotaract Club to Rotary Club Cilandak on Monday, 21 March 2011 at Business Center Hotel Kristal, Cilandak. Coordinated by Rtr. PE Oke Hastiawan we met Rtn. President Dick Richard and RC Cilandak family. In the meeting, we shared the importance of having Rotaract Club as partner of service along with the activities we have done, especially those joined with Rotary Club Jakarta, our sponsor. At the end we tried to encourage RC Cilandak to start to think of sponsoring a Rotaract Club.

Along with support from Rtr. Mieke and potential member Matthew as well as ADRR Cheya, we are glad that RC Cilandak responds positively. It shows from their support on our upcoming community service project “Book for Love”, acceptance on offer to attend our weekly meeting and be guest speaker, also, a plan to have a join project involving hydrophonic plantation technique.



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